Fort Lauderdale Cheap Divorce Attorney


When you are looking for a South Florida cheap divorce attorney, you might be surprised how limited your options can seem.  Most people who do not qualify for free legal services end up paying $250 per hour or more in order to have an attorney handle their case.  Yet if you live in Broward, Palm Beach, or Dale Counties, there is a better option available to you.  If you need a cheap divorce attorney in Miami, West Palm, or Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Family Law Clinic can help.


The FFLC was created to help ensure that all families have access to top quality, affordable attorneys.  Access to a cheap divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdaleshouldn’t be limited only to those who fall well below the poverty line, as there are many people who are just on the cusp of receiving services, but who do not qualify.  We believe that every family deserves representation in court, and we are here to provide it.


When a cheap divorce attorney in West Palm Beach is needed in order to help you make it through your case intact, let us provide the services you need.


While the prices at FFLC are lower than most other attorneys, you will find that this does not mean that you will receive lower quality in terms of services or attention.  An FFLC cheap divorce attorney in Miami will be highly educated, well experienced, and willing to fight for your rights and needs.  Whether you are concerned over alimony, child support, custody, domestic violence, or asset distribution, you will find that the family lawyers at FFLC have the experience needed to fight for you.


If you are seeking a cheap divorce attorney in West Palm Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, contact the Florida Family Law Clinic today.  Our team members are happy to answer your questions and we will be happy to go to court with you.  Our areas of practice are widely varied in the area of family law, and we have the professionals you need to ensure that your side of the matter is heard loudly and clearly.