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Florida Paternity Laws: Giving Our Kids the Support They Need


pic-baby-handFlorida paternity laws recognize that children benefit from having the support of both parents, even if those parents are not married. With the dramatic rise of paternity cases, the legal system continues to evolve so that both parents are encouraged to fairly provide for the best interests of the child(ren).


Children need support from both parents. By establishing paternity, a child will gain financial support, medical insurance, emotional benefits from establishing a bond with both parents, and the list goes on.


If you are a single mother and need help establishing paternity for your child, the Florida Family Law Clinic in Dade County is here to help. Establishing your child’s paternity will help facilitate fair support provisions. If your child’s father is not on his or her birth certificate, we will help to guide you to establish paternity, and lead you through the process.


If you are a father looking to claim your parental rights, we’ll investigate your situation thoroughly and help identify all your legal recourses. We will explore and explain custody and visitation issues, discuss how to get visitation rights, and explain your child support responsibilities once paternity is established.


Our Attorneys Help Simplify the Paternity Process


pic-birth-certificateEstablishing paternity and figuring out all of the implications that go with it can seem like a daunting task. You may worry about your rights, how the process will affect your future, and costly legal fees.
We are ready to craft a custom-tailored plan that suits your individual needs. We understand that every situation is unique, and we are ready to be your advocate.


With our affordable rates and flexible payment options, we offer leading, low-cost paternity attorneys to the Miami-Dade area.


You Are Not Alone. We Can Help.


Don’t let the prospect of a challenging paternity case overwhelm you. Florida paternity law and other family law matters can seem complicated and hard to deal with. Let us help guide you through the process. For your convenience, we also offer evening and weekend appointments, and we accept all major credit cards.
Contact our law office today for a consultation, and let us take the anxiety of the paternity legal process. Take action speak with an experienced Florida paternity lawyer now.

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