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Divorce is one of the most emotionally and financially difficult situations you will ever face. Not only are you separating from your spouse, but everything from your physical property to your financial assets will need to be divided. In even the most amicable divorce, the separation of marital property is a complex endeavor and the convoluted and confusing divorce laws do not help matters.

For example, just dividing retirement and pension plans requires specialized forms and procedures, and the process can be excessively complicated. Furthermore, as you face this division of assets, you are also stuck with expensive legal fees and may feel that an affordable divorce is out of your reach.


The great news is that you can find a top-quality yet low cost divorce attorney in Miami. The Florida Family Law Clinic believes that just because you need a cheap divorce attorney in Miami does not mean that you should settle for subpar representation in your divorce process. We want you to know your rights and options, and will fight to make sure that your divorce is fair to you. We will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your situation so that we ensure your voice is heard.


What makes the Florida Family Law Clinic different? We founded our firm on the principle that no person should be deprived of excellent legal representation in his or her time of need just because of exorbitant attorney fees. As a recognized provider of low cost divorce attorneys in Miami, our firm excels in providing competent and compassionate legal representation and our affordable rates are half of the industry standard. We believe in evening the legal playing field, and that one spouse should not get greater consideration just because he or she pays for a high-priced attorney.


If you need a cheap divorce attorney in Miami but don’t want to sacrifice on quality representation, call our office today for a consultation. We offer convenient appointment times and flexible payment options because we believe in serving you to the best of our ability.


Don’t let your divorce ruin your life; contact us today so that you know your rights and are armed with the information you need to feel secure and confident in both your decisions and your future. We’re prepared to represent you in all of your family law matters.