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Filing for low cost divorces in Florida is less complicated than filing in other states because Florida is a “no fault” state. By filing for a “no fault” divorce, the spouse seeking divorce does not have to prove that the other spouse did something wrong. Although all states allow no fault divorces, in Florida, the couple may not have to legally separate for a term duration before they can obtain a no fault divorce. Despite the no fault laws, Florida couples may be still be reluctant to legally separate or follow through with a divorce due the financial strain resulting from the ever increasing costs of hiring a lawyer. A FFLC low cost family law attorney can file for dissolution of marriage with the Florida courts on your behalf and fight for your desired outcome, removing you from a volatile situation that could result in future costly litigation.


Heading For Divorce?


Consulting with a low cost family law attorney is highly advised if you think you may be heading toward a divorce. The Florida Family Law Clinic is an experienced law firm that can provide valuable legal counsel for low cost divorces that will be resolved fairly and quickly so that you may move on with your life. FFLC provides affordable legal services such as divorce, alimony, time sharing (custody and visitation) rights, marital property distribution, and post divorce litigation.


Retaining the services of a cheap divorce lawyer specializing in low cost divorces in Florida does not mean that client expectations have to be compromised. Even in cases where the dissolution of marriage is amicable, it is not prudent to file without an attorney, or “pro se”. A low cost family law attorney will have greater knowledge and expertise to lead you through the proceedings efficiently without errors or omissions.


Hiring a knowledgeable, cheap divorce lawyer with experience is easier than you think. If you are seeking to file for a low cost divorce in the state of Florida, contact the Florida Family Law Clinic today to ensure excellent legal counsel at the affordable rate of $175.00 per hour.


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