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New Project Protects Children from Domestic Violence
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Did you know that only about 50 percent of domestic violence offenses are reported to law enforcement? Keep that in mind when reading the following statistic.
According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement statistics, there were over 100,000 domestic violence offenses committed in the state of Florida in 2014.
If you believe the 50 percent rule, that means those 100,000 offenses only account for about half… Read More [+]

A Guide to Child Support in Florida
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In Florida, both parents are legally obligated to financially support their minor child—even if they are no longer married to each other, or were never married in the first place.
Child support is meant to cover the cost of a child’s upbringing, as well as basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. It also allows the child to benefit and share in the wealth of both parents. Under Florida… Read More [+]

How to Get a Faster Divorce in Florida
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For couples who qualify, this can be a much quicker and simpler way to separate.
Now, simple dissolution of marriage isn’t necessarily the best option – or even a possibility – for many couples. Among other things, both spouses surrender their right to alimony payments when they file for this procedure. They also surrender their right to trial and appeal over the divorce.
Despite these potential downsides,… Read More [+]

How and Why to Establish Paternity in Florida
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Paternity is a legal recognition of fatherhood. If a mother is married when she gives birth, the state of Florida assumes that the child’s father is her husband.
But as non-traditional family structures become more commonplace in the US, questions may arise about paternity laws. How is paternity established when the parents are unmarried? What are the benefits of legally establishing a child’s father?
We hope to answer… Read More [+]

7 Common Myths about Family Law and Divorce
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There are a number of myths circulating about what happens when you get divorced. Whatever your situation, it’s important to know the truth when you’re beginning the process.
We realize your situation is unique. It will take the experience and knowledge of a seasoned family law attorney to address any specific questions you have about your own divorce proceedings. But many of the myths circulating around just aren’t true,… Read More [+]