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5 Reasons Domestic Violence Victims Should Hire a Family Lawyer
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One of the scariest parts of domestic violence is feeling like you have no one to turn to. Taking any sort of action toward escaping your abuser can be too daunting unless you have someone by your side to provide much needed support.
Regarding legal issues, it is extremely important for any victim of domestic violence to consider hiring a family lawyer. Here are a few reasons why:
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Florida Woman Charged with Adoption Fraud
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You’ve heard of credit card fraud, mail fraud, employee fraud… but have you heard of someone committing adoption fraud?
A Florida woman was charged recently for committing adoption fraud after she miscarried a child she had promised to give up to a Minnesota couple. For seven months after the miscarriage, she lied and claimed that she was still pregnant, while continuing to collect thousands of dollars from the couple.… Read More [+]

Different Types of Divorce in Florida
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So you and your spouse have come to the decision that you want a divorce – where do you start? Divorce is often messy and time-consuming, but every divorce is different.
Below we have listed the different types of procedures that Florida offers couples seeking a divorce. Understanding the options that are available to you can help to alleviate stress and make the process clearer.
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What Happens If a Parent Does Not Pay Child Support?
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Child support orders can come out of a dramatic, awkward, and emotional situations. In extreme cases, noncustodial parents (the parent not living with the child) cannot or will not make the child support payments a judge has ordered.
This can be extremely frustrating, not to mention putting undue financial burdens on your family. There are ways, however, to get compensated for lost child support payments, and penalties to those… Read More [+]