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Four Types of Tests Used to Prove Paternity
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For a child to have a legal father in Florida, the mother must be married at the time of birth or an acknowledgement of paternity must be signed by both parents at the hospital. Otherwise, paternity will need to be established at a later time, most likely using a paternity test.
What are these tests? How do they work? Below we are going to detail four different types of… Read More [+]

Understanding What Senate Bill 590 Means for Child Support
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We have a new bill in Florida in regards to child support and parenting time plans that will take effect next year on January 1.
Let’s explore what Senate Bill 590 is and how it might affect you now and in the future.
What Is Senate Bill 590 and What Does It Do?
Senate Bill 590 hopes to streamline the process of setting up child support and… Read More [+]

Collaborative Divorce – and Why You Might Want to Consider It
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A divorce can be an especially stressful and emotional time, even if it’s an amicable parting of ways. When it’s not amicable, the stress and emotions can increase tenfold. Fighting in court leads to fighting outside of court and, eventually, it will affect all aspects of your life.
What if there was another way, though? What if you could get a divorce without all of the fighting? Without having… Read More [+]