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How Florida Family Law Clinic Can Help Hillsborough Families
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Nothing is as important as the wellbeing of your family, which often means that family law cases are high-stakes and emotionally charged. Competent, compassionate legal representation is paramount in family law, but many families are reluctant to seek legal counsel for fear of unaffordable attorney’s fees. This is compounded by the fact that divorce and other life-changing events that require the help of a family lawyer often present a significant… Read More [+]

How Long Does It Take to Adopt in Florida?
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Adoption is a wonderful opportunity to grow your family and open your heart and your home to a child who is looking for their life to be changed.
It’s probably overwhelming, though, to think about the overall adoption process.
The entire process – from making the decision you want to adopt to getting matched with a child – can usually be completed in eight to nine months.… Read More [+]

Florida Divides Assets Equally in Divorce – But Not Always
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When you’re going through a divorce, you have to deal with all kinds of issues. If there are children, you need to worry about child support and time sharing. You might have to plan on giving or receiving alimony.
Then, there’s the division of assets.
None of these issues are easy to confront, and the longer you’ve been married, the more complicated the process can be. Because… Read More [+]

3 Things Not to Do When Talking to Your Spouse about Divorce
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Divorce can be overwhelmingly tense, and the mere mention of getting a divorce can send some into a downward spiral.
When Binh Ngo – a 46-year-old Sebastian, Florida, man – and his wife were arguing about divorce on the Fourth of July, he said, “I am going to kill you,” before pulling out a hunting knife and stabbing her in the chest.
Ngo’s wife insisted that her… Read More [+]