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How Alimony Can Affect Your Florida Taxes
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If you either pay or receive alimony in Florida, it’s important to know the rules for filing your taxes. Learn how you can actually benefit from the tax laws if you understand and follow the guidelines.
First let’s talk about how alimony works in general in our state.
Understanding the Basics of Alimony in Florida
After divorce or marital separation, alimony is the money paid by one… Read More [+]

We’re Getting a Divorce – How Florida Parents Tell Their Kids
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When you decide to get a divorce, it’s a difficult time for everyone involved – but this is especially true for your children. In fact, breaking the news to your children may be the most difficult conversation you ever have. Most likely they won’t really understand everything that’s happening, and you will want to reassure them in their hurt.
How do you do this, though, while still clearly conveying… Read More [+]

Can You Adopt in Florida If You’ve Had a Domestic Violence Charge?
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Adoption is a wonderful way for families to open up their homes to children who need them.
In the United States, about 135,000 children are adopted every year, and that number continues to grow despite the often lengthy adoption process. When placing a child in a home, an adoption agency has a number of things to consider to ensure the child will end up in a loving, nurturing, and… Read More [+]

Do You Need a Father’s Rights Lawyer or a Family Lawyer?
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As a father, it’s important to know what your rights are when it comes to your children. In the past, courts have generally sided with the mother on custody issues, but it’s now apparent that an involved father is just as important as a mother.
Here in Florida and across the United States, every father has certain rights:

A father has the right to be involved in… Read More [+]