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Good Reasons to Try Fostering a Florida Child before Adopting
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If you are thinking about adopting a child in Florida, it may be worth your time to take a look a fostering first. Before we take a look at the benefits of fostering, though, let’s take a moment to dispel some common myths and ease any concerns that you might have.
Myths about fostering
I can’t afford it.
The state offers foster families subsidies for both maintenance… Read More [+]

How to Avoid Mistakes in Your Florida Family Law Case
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Even in the most amicable, straightforward family law cases, mistakes can easily be made that compromise one or more parties and draw out litigation. Follow this advice to sidestep common mistakes that could cost you in your Florida family law case.
Know the basics of family law
Family law usually involves significant life changes, such as planning for a wedding, adopting a child, separating, or divorcing. All… Read More [+]

Struggling with Divorce in Florida? There’s an App for That
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A new app is helping Florida parents navigate the tough waters of divorce with greater success.
The app is called FAYR, which stands for Family Advocacy Your Responsibility. Michael Daniels, a father from Florida, developed the app while he was going through his own divorce.
Daniels knew he wasn’t his best self during the divorce. He was exasperated with the ordeal of having to stay in constant contact… Read More [+]

What to Do If Your Florida Child Support Goes to the Wrong Person
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Recently a Florida father tried to pay child support, but when the check went to the wrong account, a world of trouble opened.
Henry Schultz faithfully pays $1,600 per month in child support. So when his ex-wife called to ask where that month’s money was, Schultz was confused. He consulted the bill payment center, and found that when he wrote the numeral “1,” they recorded it as a “7.”… Read More [+]