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Reasons to Seal Your Florida Divorce Records
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When you’re going through a divorce, the last thing you want is for all your dirty laundry to be on display to the public. Unfortunately, the laws of our state make court records open and available to anyone interested in accessing them.
The legal paperwork for your divorce is made a matter of public record by default. That means any person could go to the courthouse and request… Read More [+]

Why Florida Believes Joint Custody Is Best for Kids
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If you are a parent going through a divorce, you’re probably wondering what custody situation is best for your children. Recent studies are showing that kids tend to benefit most from a shared or joint custody agreement. Moreover, you may actually experience benefits from this arrangement as well.
Below, we’re going to detail a bit of the history of divorce and custody and the specifics of why Florida defaults… Read More [+]

Can Paternity Tests Get It Wrong?
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Since Florida laws require fathers to financially provide for their children’s shelter and upbringing, determining paternity is a high priority, and paternity tests are sometimes ordered by the courts.
Can paternity tests be wrong, though? Read on to learn about how paternity tests work, how accurate they really are,
and why your tests results might just be incorrect.
How Paternity Tests Work
Paternity tests use DNA… Read More [+]

Here’s Why You Should Consider Adopting in Florida
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Have you been thinking about having children? Starting a family? You have a number of potential options available to you, but one that you should think long and hard about is adoption.
While it is definitely not for everybody and the process isn’t always easy, here are several good reasons why adoption might be right for you.
You are ready to give a child a family
 … Read More [+]

Gray Divorce: What Floridians Need to Know
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Gray divorce is a term used to refer to the growing trend of older Americans in long-term marriages choosing to get divorced.
Just how big is this “trend”? The divorce rate for Americans over 50 has nearly doubled in the last 20 years.
Dissolution of a marriage lasting over 20 years can present more complications than that of a younger couple that have been married for less… Read More [+]