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Five Ways Floridians Can Benefit from Getting Divorced
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Divorce is often painted as a negative or even traumatic event. However, while it is typically the result of a “failed” marriage or negative situation, it is not uncommon for divorcees to find that they actually benefit from their new status.
After the initial heartbreak has worn off and they are able to move on, many people find that they have more freedom and lower costs after their… Read More [+]

How Does Retroactive Child Support Work in Florida?
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If your divorce is final and your ex-spouse hasn’t paid child support, you are likely feeling angry and frustrated, not to mention unable to pay your bills. Below, we’re going to detail what Florida law has to say about retroactive child support and how a family law attorney can help you.
How Child Support Payments Work in General in Florida
Both parents are financially responsible for the well-being… Read More [+]

Adopting the Right Child for You in Florida
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Matching adoptive parents with children who need them is an incredibly important part of the adoption process. Ideally, you want to take your time. Get to know each other. Make sure that the situation is a “fit.” In some ways, it’s a lot like dating.
Well, a new service in Florida has taken this idea more literally than most by essentially creating an online dating site for prospective adoptive… Read More [+]