South Florida Family Law Attorney


Divorce is never easy.  Even when both parties agree that it is the right thing to do, divorce takes a physical, financial, and emotional toll.  For couples with children, the toll is even higher, and dividing up time, finances, and assets can certainly be burdensome.  Whether you want to make sure that both parties get equal rights or you are looking to protect your children from a parent that could be a danger to them, divorce is never simple.  A qualified family law attorney is always the best option when a marriage comes to an end, and the right child support attorney can help ensure that everything is decided fairly and properly.


The simple truth is that going into divorce court without a lawyer can be a lot like going into war without a weapon.  When protecting your children is your first priority, you need to have someone at your side who understands the law and who can present the right arguments and evidence to show why you should retain custody or why you should qualify for child support payments.    If you believe that you should not have to make payments, a child support attorney can also help you show the other parent’s assets and income in a way that could reduce or eliminate your obligations.


Nobody should have to deal with divorce alone, and while friends and family members can be a great help, they are not the kind of help that you need in a courtroom.  Having character witnesses can be great, but the simple fact is that a family law attorney is needed in order to present your case in a legally approved manner.  The judge will want facts and evidence when making decisions regarding custody and child support, and a cheap divorce attorney can really make all the difference in the world for your case.


If you are faced with a divorce and are looking to ensure that you do not lose out when it comes to custody, finances, or assets, contact a family law attorney from the Florida Family Law Clinic.   Our affordable legal team has the experience and qualifications needed to provide child support attorney services as well as many other legal services.  If you need a cheap divorce attorney who is willing to fight for you, contact us right away.  With offices in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties to serve you, we can offer the help you need to ensure that you are not alone throughout your case.