Low Cost Divorce Fort Lauderdale


When you are looking to end a marriage, it can be a burden in many ways.  Divorce is hard on everyone involved, even when it is clean, and when things are messy and children are involved, the burden becomes much greater.  In addition to the physical and emotional burden of divorce, there is often great financial strain involved.  It can be hard to juggle major attorney fees with the costs of maintaining a home and raising your children.  If you are looking for low cost divorce help, but know that an attorney is critical, the Florida Family Law Clinic has what you need.


At FFLC, we have a team of top lawyers who are able to provide a wide range of low cost divorce services.  Whether you are looking for a paternity attorney to help with matters of child support and custody or a child custody attorney to help ensure that you receive fair time with your child or children, we can help.  Our attorneys are familiar with all of the laws that exist in family courts and we will fight to bring you the results that you deserve.  Our low cost divorce attorney service rates are much lower than most other legal professionals while still offering the same quality of service.


If a child support attorney is what you need, you will find that we can offer the help you seek.  Even when a divorce has already been granted, changes in employment and income can result in the need to modify child support agreements.  Our child custody attorney services can help modify visitation and support payments even after a divorce agreement is in place as long as the situation warrants having a judge take another look at the case.


When you need a low cost divorce attorney, contact the Florida Family Law Clinic.  We have locations in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, and we take great pride in offering affordable legal help for those who need it.  Don’t try to go into court without a legal professional at your side when we can provide low cost divorceservices that will give you the protection and support that you deserve.