What Is Alimony?


Fort Lauderdale Alimony AttorneyAlimony is financial support provided to a spouse or former spouse by his or her former spouse. If alimony is awarded by a court, it will terminate in the event of the death of either spouse, the remarriage of the recipient spouse or the cohabitation of the recipient spouse in a relationship which has the economic and other characteristics of marriage.


Alimony is awarded for the support and maintenance that one spouse may be compelled to pay to another after dissolution of the marriage. Florida Family Law Clinic can help you get through this part of the divorce process by providing you with an experienced, affordable divorce attorney, so you can move on with your life.


An affordable alimony attorney can represent clients in spousal support matters the same as an expensive attorney, especially during divorce or dissolution of marriage. A cheap alimony lawyer can establish your case for alimony to the court by presenting the length of your marriage, the standard of living you had during the marriage and your contributions to the marriage. A low cost family law attorney can handle an alimony dispute with the same professionalism and vigor as a high priced attorney. Why pay high fees to an attorney when the money you are spending could be used to support your family?


You Can Afford The Help You Need


pic-divorce-gavelFlorida Family Law Clinic is also here to help with post divorce litigation. FFLC understands that circumstances change and not every alimony settlement is fair. By working with a cheap alimony lawyer who is an expert in Florida Divorce law, you can fight to amend an unfair or unfeasible divorce settlement. Lingering divorce litigation prevents you from becoming truly free of your broken marriage and moving on with your life. Florida Family Law Clinic strives to ensure that each client walks away from a divorce or modification feeling relieved of the dispute without undue financial burden.


Seeking affordable legal services is critical to protecting your rights regarding matters such as alimony, child support and equitable marital property distribution. The dollars you invest now in protecting your rights can safeguard you from financial and emotional strain in the future.



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