How to Get a Faster Divorce in Florida
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For couples who qualify, this can be a much quicker and simpler way to separate.
Now, simple dissolution of marriage isn’t necessarily the best option – or even a possibility – for many couples. Among other things, both spouses surrender their right to alimony payments when they file for this procedure. They also surrender their right to trial and appeal over the divorce.
Despite these potential downsides,… Read More [+]

How and Why to Establish Paternity in Florida
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Paternity is a legal recognition of fatherhood. If a mother is married when she gives birth, the state of Florida assumes that the child’s father is her husband.
But as non-traditional family structures become more commonplace in the US, questions may arise about paternity laws. How is paternity established when the parents are unmarried? What are the benefits of legally establishing a child’s father?
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7 Common Myths about Family Law and Divorce
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There are a number of myths circulating about what happens when you get divorced. Whatever your situation, it’s important to know the truth when you’re beginning the process.
We realize your situation is unique. It will take the experience and knowledge of a seasoned family law attorney to address any specific questions you have about your own divorce proceedings. But many of the myths circulating around just aren’t true,… Read More [+]

A New Bill May Change Time-Sharing for Florida Parents
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A new bill in the Florida Senate could drastically change the way time-sharing is organized for divorced parents.
The bill is entitled SB 250, filed by Florida State Senator Tom Lee, and seeks to change custody and alimony laws in the state. The bill will be considered during the 2016 Senate session.
The 41-page proposal contains a number of provisions that address the way judges assign alimony… Read More [+]

Prenups vs. Postnups: Which Is Right for You?
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With all the excitement and love surrounding a new marriage, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can seem like a bit of a downer. After all, no one wants to think about the possibility of divorce in the beginning.
But with a sizable percent of modern marriages ending in divorce, it’s only prudent to approach your significant other with the suggestion of a prenuptial agreement. Nobody enjoys planning for a… Read More [+]