The 19 Factors Florida Uses in Deciding Time-Sharing
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One of the most difficult things that divorcing or separating couples with children have to face is determining child custody, known here in Florida as time-sharing. It is often an emotional issue for kids and parents alike, but ultimately the most important consideration is what’s in the best interest of the child.
How is this determined, though?
Our courts consider 19 factors that help to evaluate… Read More [+]

Beat the “Trump Divorce” – Finalize Florida Proceedings This Year
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Changes in tax law under the Trump administration are likely to affect all of us in many ways. One of the more surprising ways, however, is divorce.
How so? Because the new tax law includes a provision that gets rid of the tax break divorcees currently receive for paying alimony. The change is expected to make divorcing couples less generous when negotiating alimony.
In fact, a poll… Read More [+]

What Florida LGBT Couples Need to Know about Adoption
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Adoption is a complex matter for any family. Although recent advances in marriage equality have protected many rights of adoptive LGBT parents, legislation is still catching up on some issues surrounding parental rights.
If you are in a same-sex relationship and are considering adoption or conceiving using a donor, it’s important to be aware of the issues that same-sex couples face to make sure that your parental rights are… Read More [+]

Myths about Florida Child Support That Need to Be Dispelled
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Many Florida parents are confused about how child support payments work. In this post, we’ll dispel the common myths and help you understand how the system is set up. When you have the right information, it’s a lot easier to make sound choices for your children – and yourself.
What People Think about Child Support Versus the Reality
I don’t have to pay child support if I don’t… Read More [+]

How Florida’s New Standard Parenting Time Plan Works
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On January 1, 2018, a new child custody law went into effect in Florida. The intention of the law, known as the Standard Parenting Time Plan, is to streamline the sharing of parental rights between parents who are no longer together. The bill also seeks to shift the focus back to the best interests of the child.
If you are currently negotiating a parenting plan or are looking… Read More [+]