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Two Types of Guardianship Florida Family Lawyers Can Help With
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Families come in all shapes in sizes. The people in charge of looking after children – and in some cases adults – are not always the person’s birth parents. Many situations may lead to parents or other authorities putting another individual in charge as someone’s “guardian.”
What exactly is a guardian under Florida law? The definition depends on the type of person who needs a guardian.
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Florida Dads: Don’t Be Afraid Divorce Will Keep You from Your Kids
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Divorce can be a scary process, especially for parents. One of the top conflicts that comes with divorcing your spouse is the issue of time sharing, or who gets to have custody of your children. We’ve all seen movies and news stories where one parent is not able to see their children… and often, this parent is the father.
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Family Law: What Rights Do Florida Grandparents Have?
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Family situations can get complicated, and sometimes a parent might restrict visits between grandparents and grandchildren. Is this legal? Can grandparents fight back?
If you’ve ever wondered what visitation rights Florida grandparents have, this post will tell you what you need to know.
Grandparents’ Visitation Rights in Florida
What can grandparents do? Not much.
If the parent allows some visits, a grandparent cannot request more time… Read More [+]

Native American Parents – Will Florida Let the Tribe Take Your Child?
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In a recent case, a Florida tribe took a newborn baby from her Native American mother and white father. Could this happen in your family? Read on to learn more.
A Complicated Florida Custody Case
In mid-March, a baby girl was born to a white father and a mother from the Miccosukee tribe. Two days after the birth, the mother and father say that tribal police came to… Read More [+]

The 19 Factors Florida Uses in Deciding Time-Sharing
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One of the most difficult things that divorcing or separating couples with children have to face is determining child custody, known here in Florida as time-sharing. It is often an emotional issue for kids and parents alike, but ultimately the most important consideration is what’s in the best interest of the child.
How is this determined, though?
Our courts consider 19 factors that help to evaluate… Read More [+]