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The Finances of Divorce: Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses
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On top of the emotional impact of separating from your spouse, the process of divorce can take a real financial toll on your life. At least, that might be your fear when entering a divorce settlement.
Do not let horror stories scare you into accepting a worst-case scenario agreement, though. Learn the basics of how your finances are viewed and split after a divorce. A Florida family lawyer can… Read More [+]

Florida Divides Assets Equally in Divorce – But Not Always
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When you’re going through a divorce, you have to deal with all kinds of issues. If there are children, you need to worry about child support and time sharing. You might have to plan on giving or receiving alimony.
Then, there’s the division of assets.
None of these issues are easy to confront, and the longer you’ve been married, the more complicated the process can be. Because… Read More [+]