How Florida Family Law Clinic Can Help Hillsborough Families

Nothing is as important as the wellbeing of your family, which often means that family law cases are high-stakes and emotionally charged. Competent, compassionate legal representation is paramount in family law, but many families are reluctant to seek legal counsel for fear of unaffordable attorney’s fees. This is compounded by the fact that divorce and other life-changing events that require the help of a family lawyer often present a significant financial burden for everyone involved.


However, an experienced Hillsborough family attorney doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Further, being proactive early in the process can save a substantial amount of money down the road in cases such as divorce and child support, so seeking legal counsel may ultimately benefit you and your loved ones financially.




A divorce, or dissolution of a marriage, is the second-most stressful life event a person can face, topped only by death of a spouse. When children are involved, a divorce becomes more emotionally stressful and legally complicated.


A divorce also presents a significant financial burden, and many families worry that they may be unable to afford the legal fees and costs of a divorce. In fact, some couples remain together simply because they fear the financial consequences and legal fees of a divorce. However, dependable legal representation need not be exorbitant, particularly in an uncontested divorce.




Whether you’re a father seeking to establish parental rights or a single mother attempting to locate the biological father of your child, a family lawyer can assist in this process. In the state of Florida, it is best to move quickly in the paternity process, so we advise that clients file for paternity judgement as soon as possible.


A family lawyer can help to establish paternity and resolve issues such as child custody, visitation, and child support. It is emotionally beneficial for the child to know his or her biological father, and allows the child access to benefits such as health insurance, social security, veteran’s benefits, military allowances, and inheritance.


Child support


If you are a single parent, you are well aware of the financial burdens associated with raising children without the support of a partner. Establishing child support can help ensure that your child’s needs are met, and take some of the financial strain off of the custodial parent.


Florida laws and statutes are in place to ensure that children receive support from both legal parents, which are very stringent and strictly enforced. If a parent needs to modify child support or enforce an existing child support agreement, a family attorney is essential, and any legal fees will outweighed by receiving the support that you and your child need and deserve.


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Time sharing (child custody and visitation)


In Florida, the term “time sharing” has replaced child custody and visitation. This refers to the legal guardianship, residency, and caretaking responsibilities of each legal parent of the child. It is important to know your rights to keep your child in your life.


At the Florida Family Law Clinic, we can help to arrange a time sharing agreement that is in the child’s best interest, and allows each parent to remain a frequent and positive presence in the child’s life.




Alimony is financial support paid to an ex-spouse by his or her former spouse in the event that one spouse’s income is substantially greater. If alimony is awarded, it will terminate in the event of the death of either spouse or remarriage/cohabitation of the recipient spouse.


A knowledgeable alimony attorney can represent clients in spousal support matters, helping to alleviate the financial concerns often associated with dissolution of a marriage.


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Marital property distribution


One of the most complicated aspects of a divorce is the distribution of marital property. The anxiety of losing valuable or meaningful assets is often a hindrance to filing for divorce. A competent, reliable divorce attorney can help to ensure that your rights are protected, and that marital property is divided fairly.


Domestic violence


At the Florida Family Law Clinic, we believe that domestic violence is never acceptable, but neither are false claims designed to gain leverage in other legal proceedings.


If you are a victim of domestic violence or are in a volatile situation that you feel could escalate to violence, immediately seek the counsel of a domestic violence attorney, particularly if children are involved. An attorney can help you take steps to protect your personal safety and that of your children.


If you have had false or exaggerated domestic violence claims filed against you, a domestic violence attorney can help conduct an investigation to discredit these claims, protecting your rights.