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Florida paternity lawyer is the first step to establishing paternity. Whether you are a single mother looking to locate the legal father of your child or a father looking to claim your parental rights, establishing paternity is critical and greatly benefits the well being of the child. FFLC offers affordable legal services in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach, Florida, saving your family money while protecting father’s rights.


The sharp increase in paternity cases throughout the courts of Florida is a result of a trend in our society over the last decade of children being born out of wedlock. In the state of Florida, it is best to move quickly when establishing paternity. A Florida paternity lawyer will typically advise a client to file for a paternity judgment as soon as possible if the Father’s name is not notated on the birth certificate provided by the Florida Center for Vital Statistics. In the state of Florida, a child does not have a legal father if the mother is not married when the child is born. Legal paternity has to be established for the child. If an acknowledgement of Paternity is not signed by both parents in the hospital at the time a child is born, then paternity has not officially been established.


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pic-birth-certificateWhile the process of establishing paternity for a child in such cases may be seem costly and daunting, the Florida paternity lawyers at FFLC utilize their expertise in providing sound legal advice to clients, working on timely resolutions to all family law issues.


The low cost attorneys at FFLC are eager to help families fight to establish legal rights so that they can move forward in resolving other critical issues such as child support, time sharing (child custody and visitation), or seeking sound legal advice from a low cost attorney for child custody issues.


There are numerous emotional and other benefits of establishing a relationship between a child and a legal father. The father, mother, and child all receive certain benefits, according to the Florida Department of Revenue:


  • Access to Information regarding family medical history
  • The child knows who his or her father is
  • Placement of the father’s name on the birth certificate
  • Health or life insurance from either parent, if available
  • Financial child support as well as medical support from both parents
  • The ability to receive Social Security or veteran’s benefits, military allowances, and inheritances.

There are many ways to establish paternity both inside and outside of the courtroom. With the guidance of a FFLC Florida paternity lawyer, you will be led through the paternity process with a plan tailored to your unique situation. Call FFLC today at 954-354-7470 to learn how you can establish paternity, or manage any other Florida family law issues.


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