Post-Divorce Litigation

Do You Know Your Post Divorce Rights?


pic-dissolution-ringDon’t let emotions interfere or deter you from fighting for your post divorce rights! There is often a fine line between showing compassion for the other party and overlooking what is fair to you.


The Florida post divorce attorneys of Florida Family Law Clinic understand that a couple’s life becomes intertwined during the course of a marriage and that many issues are left unresolved after a final dissolution of marriage has been granted. While many couples file in haste, it is critical to confer with a low cost divorce attorney in Florida prior to filing for dissolution of marriage. FFLC provides affordable legal services that can help plan for the future conditions that will impact your family long after the divorce is finalized.


Once there is a final post marital settlement ordered by the courts, any remaining unresolved issues and judgments failing to meet a party’s needs may be amended by a Florida post divorce attorney. By hiring an experienced Florida post divorce attorney at FFLC, you are ensuring that the best interests and rights of your family are protected long after the divorce.


A knowledgeable Florida post divorce attorney will ensure that you benefit the most from your negotiations, advising you as to what terms are favorable, and even critical to an advantageous post divorce agreement. Our legal professionals can keep you informed of all benefits and support you may not know you are entitled to.


Post divorce planning in the state of Florida considers a variety of factors that are implemented into final settlements. Below is a list of some of the commonly overlooked variables that a credible Florida post divorce attorney will bring to a client’s attention in advising the client of post divorce settlement rights.




An affordable property distribution attorney may advise a client to remove a spouse’s name from any asset or document conferring liability, such as vehicle registration or brokerage accounts. This is just one example of how FFLC’s Florida Post Divorce Attorneys use their knowledge of the current Florida Statutes to better enable them to fight for the assets that are rightfully yours.


Protect Your Credit


By informing creditors of a dissolution of marriage and designating the party who will be responsible for certain debts in the future, a spouse may retain the ability to monitor for late payments. If payments on certain assets are not being made in a timely fashion a post divorce attorney in Florida may be able to seek a civil judgment to return the asset or impose penalties on the other party to ensure that your credit rating is not negatively impacted.


pic-balance-sheetFlorida statutes also require that both parties submit Financial Disclosure affidavits prior to asset distribution. Be sure to thoroughly review these documents with your Florida post divorce attorney.


Enforcing Child Support


Keep accurate records of child support payments so that if the other party is delinquent or often remits a late payment, you have a log of it.


Record Child Expenses


If you have the majority time share custody of any children, it is imperative to keep accurate records of their expenses. This will document what the actual costs of raising children in comparison to the support that you are receiving. This will also show where child support monies are being distributed in case it is ever called into question.


Tax Deductible Eligibility


It is important to consult with your attorney regarding the tax implications related to any changes in family law matters. For example, in cases with children, only one parent is permitted to take an exemption for a child dependent.


Child Custody and Time-Share Rights


Many clients can finalize or renegotiate timesharing (custody) rights with a Post Divorce Agreement. If circumstances have changed and you want more or less time with your child(ren), a post divorce attorney can advise you of your time sharing (custody) legal rights and may be able to reassess your child support arrangement as well. Many parents do not realize the intricacies of Florida Custody and Visitation laws, which permit separate time share agreements that can be entered into specifically for the holidays.


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