Fort Lauderdale Child Custody Lawyer


As the dynamic of the American family changes, sometimes parents must turn to the legal system to resolve the complicated issues that arise when it comes to their children. If you and your partner are separated or divorced, the issue of parental rights and child support is probably one that you are facing, or will in the near future. When faced with the reality that your situation cannot be resolved without legal help, it is time to employ the assistance of an affordable attorney. Parents’ visitation rights are far too important to leave their resolution to chance.


If the dissolution of a bad relationship has you wondering —“What are my parental rights?”—you are not alone.


This is a murky issue, but you need to know that the law recognizes that both parents deserve to have a meaningful, supportive relationship with their children.  Our society has evolved in that it recognizes that parental roles have changed, and a father’s visitation rights are just as important as a mother’s. Gender roles no longer dominate the resolution of family law cases, and with the right attorney, you really will have the best chance of coming out of your family law case with a resolution that truly is best for your children.


As with any custody dispute, your first thought may be “how do I get sole custody?”


At the Florida Family Law Clinic, we understand your fears and frustration, which is why we are committed to representing our clients, and exhausting every avenue to secure the best outcome. However, we are also committed to being open, honest, and realistic. If sole custody is a long-shot in your case, we will be honest with you from the get-go. We will explain to you when the definition of “fair” gets tossed aside for the more important goal of “what is in the children’s best interests.”  Whatever your circumstances, our main focus is making sure your interests are fairly heard and considered in any legal proceedings.


To learn more about our low-cost family law services, including divorce, custody, child support and paternity, contact our team today. We are here to help you do whatever is best for your family.